The Lifting Anchor System has been used successfully worldwide by companies to handle precast concrete units of various weights and dimensions for over 30 years. This manual has been produced to allow the engineer to calculate specific Pin Anchor requirements.

The Lifting Anchor System has a “no fuss” engage and release mechanism on the Pin Anchor Lifting Ring Clutch, allowing precast concrete units to be handled economically and quickly, especially when repeated operations are required. The unique gravity action of the system prevents any possibility of accidental release of the concrete unit, whilst also giving a clear visual indication of correct engagement. The Pin Anchor System avoids the need to utilise threaded lifting systems with wire ropes and the relative precautions associated with them. The lack of easily wearing parts and the simplicity of the Lifting Ring Clutch means that they will see many years use, with only basic care. All lifting components within the Pin Anchor System undergo specific testing procedures. Every Pin Anchor Ring Clutch is individually tested and comes uniquely stamped with a corresponding lifting certificate.

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