Spread Anchor System


The Spread Anchor system is supplied in a wide range oflifting capacities ranging from 0.7 tonnes to 22.0 tonnes.

The method of use is the same throughout the size range.There are three basic components to the range:
1. Spread Anchor
The Spread Anchor is permanently cast into the concrete unit. It is manufactured from specially ductile steel making it safe to use at low temperatures. The safe working load of the anchors is based on a factor of 3 for safety.

2. Rubber Former
The Rubber Former is manufactured from flexible material and is semi-circular in shape. It is designed to open to allow the Spread Anchor to be inserted, once closed it provides an adequate seal to prevent concrete ingress. After the concrete has been poured and cured the Rubber Former is removed to reveal the Spread Anchor in its pocket.
The Rubber Formers should be oiled after each use and can be used many times over

3. Spread Anchor Ring Clutch
The Spread Anchor Ring Clutch is an all cast item specially designed not only to fit the Spread Anchor of its related safe working load but also to match the pocket created by the corresponding capacity Rubber Former. In this way, one can be assured that no two lifting capacities canbe utilised together, thus guaranteeing the safe working load is matched for all items utilised in the lifting process. The Spread Anchor Ring Clutches are individually tested and come uniquely stamped with a corresponding lifting test certificate. The safe working load of the Spread Anchor Ring Clutch is based on a factor of 3 for safety.

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