Wire loop System


Cast in Lifting Loops are one of the most economic lifting systems available to the precast concrete manufacturer.

They are designed for lifting precast concrete units where the lifting points side will be hidden from view once it is installed in its final position. Lifting equipment, such as crane hooks can be attached directly onto these loops without the need for any other lifting devices.

Cast in Loops are manufactured from galvanised mild steel rope. They have a swaged connecting ferrule and a colour coded tag that clearly identifies the safe working load along with the manufactures logo. The tag is designed not to slide down the loop during casting and
should remain visible at all times. Cast in Loops are not designed for multi-use applications and should only be used for a single cycle from production to final installation.
When storing concrete units, care should be taken to avoid bending, so that the cable does not kink. These loops should be examined for cuts, nicks or excessive corrosion prior to lifting.
Minimum concrete strength should be 20.0N/mm2 unless otherwise stated.

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