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What Is Precast Concrete


Precast concrete is a construction material made by casting concrete in a mold. The result 

is cured and then transported to construction, sure tobe tilted up.

But what exactly is the purpose of precast?

The Importance of Precast

Nowadays, most buildings are created with the help of structural steel frames. These allow 

construction workers to save time and be morepractical with their time. Even so, they can 

still cost a bit more than other materials.

Specifically, precast concrete frames can pull off the same tricks as your structural 

steel frames. Many buildings now use a combination ofprecast and structural steelwork. 

creating a solid base.

For the precast to be as solid as possible. a few materials are used. These include:

Lifting Foot Anchor

The lifing foot anchor is an anchor tailored specifically for precast concrete. It is 

accessible and can be used to conveniently lift and transportthe concrete material to the 

intended location.

Lifting Clutch

A lifting clutch can be used to carry precast panels. The grip is armed with a ring head 

that safely latches onto the bolt. It helps tie down theplate anchors into the boards. 

creating a lifting motion that is safe and secure.

These clutches come in various lifting capacities.

Lifting Socket and Fixing Socket

A lifting socket has a flat end. It meets specific rules for transport capacity, as 

carrying precast units requires a lot of support. The lifting sockethas an internal thread 

that helps anchor the load. A flat end and cross-hole reinforce the strength of the 


On the other hand. fixed pockets are made to use safe and permanent fixtures in the 

concrete. They come in different dimensions, ranging fromM6 up to M30. They are either 

zinc plated or reinforced with stainless steel.

Erection Anchor

Erection anchors are designed for precast concrete structures that carry a 

lot of loads. The complete range and carrying capacity vary pershape and size. These 

anchors can be used to carry slabs and panels across the site.

Two Hole Anchor

Another tool is the two-hole anchor. They are made withstand heavy loads relating to 

precast. They are mainly used to create thin panels forthe wall, as well as trusses. These 

areas have a weak foundation, but an anchor can fix that.

Two-hole anchors are made from heavy-duty steel. These items are all created with safety 

standards in mind. Users can choose from different materials, including zinc of steel.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finishing a precast project, there are multiple ways to have everything 

come together. You can make a plastered sandwich,an inner layer, and others. The standard 

cement colors are white or gray, though some shades can also be used.

The aggregate used to make the precast can also change how it manifests in the final 

output .For instance, the shape, color, and texture can bdifferent if the mold is made 

from high-grade materials.

Whatever the case, precast is a good alternative to the different reinforcement skeletons 

used by many buildings.

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