R & D

R & D

We owns two laboratory, the one is for Chemical and Raw material Anaylysis, Such as Salt-Spray Testing, Raw material components testing; Another is for Mechancial Property testing, Such as Tensile Stength Testing, Charpy-Impact Testing, Hardness Testing, Metallographic analysis and Projector Testing...etc. With these necessary Testing equipment, it helps us to well control the products Quality. For every delivery, we'll send Material Certificate, Measurement Report and Charts of Pulling Tests for customer's Approval.

Furthermore, Technical Suppor is an essential part of the JINGLE FAST Service, therefor we take great pride in offering full in house Technical Support and continuous analysis on all the products within our range, meaning you can get an answer quickly when you need it and be confident our products meet all the fundamental requirements for them.

Pls feel free to contact our technical department where we can provide valuable assistance when selecting the correct product for your needs, or if you are struggling to find the ideal product for your needs contact us and let us investigate the potential developments that can be made to either improve an existing products performance or provide an alternative product to fulfil your brief.

Any Technical questions pls Contact us on: qc@jinglecorp.com

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